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Being in the boiler service industry for so many years has given us the abilty to source many types of parts and items for a variety of makes and models of boilers so please don't hesitate to call and see if we can help you out!



Monitoring systems for boilers, air compressors, and all automatic equipment with new technology using a programmable logic control and european panel design.

  • One manual push button for re-setting the monitored safety controls.

  • Individual illuminated pilot lights provide visual indication for the protective devices until the abnormal condition is rectified.

  • Alarm horn provides an audio warning for the protected devices.

  • Push button to silence horn while repairs are being performed.

  • Alarm panel is provided with a "TEST" button.

  • The PLC is programmed with a 5 second time delay to eliminate nuisance high water and low water conditions.

  • Alarm response time of 10 milli-seconds.

  • Alarm contacts are supplied for remote dialling units or audible alarms.

  • Main power switch mounted on front panel.

  • Panel power supply and remote control circuit voltage 120/1/60.

  • High water probe is included.

  • Panel dimensions 11 7/8" wide x 15 7/8" high x 8 1/4" deep.

  • Manufactured in Canada.

  • C.S.A and C US approved.

For more information please call: (905) 670-7207


Pendell Burners manufactures burners for commercial, industrial and process application boilers. Located in Toronto, for over 50 years this company has specialized in manufacturing quality and long lasting products. They are recognized for their excellence in customer service and the maintenance of their products, and strive to offer their customers the best parts replacement, troubleshooting inquiries and onsite support & technical repair.
The Fuel Master Burners long lineage in manufacturing and improving industrial boilers and burners has spanned for over a century of time. Since 1911, Pendell Burner’s quality material and craftsmanship has been the pinnacle of their
ambition. With renowned praise of maintaining and servicing the burners, the life spans of these products are second to none.

  • Built for commercial, industrial and process applications, each Burner is custom tailored; only requiring the most basic setup when arriving on site. Their burners’ versatile array of fuels includes; Natural gas, Propane gas, Number 2 Fuel Oil, and Digestive/Bio gas.

  • Our typical burners are approved under the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Safety is an upmost concern when building the burners from design to construction.

For more information please go to: www.fuelmaster.ca


Boilersmith Ltd., operates with a heritage of 90 years of continuous boiler fabrication offering Canada's most complete line of heating and process boilers. The Boilersmith plant manufactures steel boilers and accessories for industrial, commercial, institutional and agricultural markets.

  • The Output of the boilers ranges from 335,000 to 20 million Btu/Hr.

  • Models are available throughout this range for use with oil, propane, natural gas, coal and wood waste Fuels. Most of the units weigh between one and fifteen tons and occasionally up to forty tons.

  • Their company practices continual product Development including ongoing product tests, introduction of new models and series, and the frequent addition or improvement of features. Ease of service, durability and top overall performance is always the goal.

Custom Engineered Products:
Boilersmith has full engineering and Design capabilities. Their abilities to custom fabricate special boilers is unique in the industry.

For more information please go to : www.boilersmith.com

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